Toddler’s First Scooter – A Round Up Of The Best

10 April 2021

One day, I went to collect Jin from nursery and I saw of his friends whizz past on a little scooter. He’s only a little older than Jin and I thought what?? they can ride scooters at this age??
So off I went to find my Toddler’s First Scooter!

You’d think that picking out a beginner scooter would be easy but noooo, there are SO many! After what felt like HOURS of research, I found the perfect one for us.

Here’s are my reviews of different types and features to help you choose your Toddler’s First Scooter.

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What Features Are You Looking For?

It’s worth taking a couple of minutes to think about what features are important to you.
It’ll help you filter the search results and narrow it down.

3 or 4 Wheels – Some convert from 4 to 3 wheels so you can use for longer
For Toddlers Only – An overall mini scooter for toddlers only
Detachable Seat – Useful for younger toddlers who aren’t quite ready to scoot
Parent Handle – A handle attached to the back of the scooter, usually with a seat so you can push them around
Folding – Great for travel or storing at home, essential in my view!
Steer Lock – A switch to lock the steering in place so toddler can only scoot straight. Useful for beginners
Lean or Turn to Steer – Most models nowadays are lean to steer but you can still find turn to steer if you prefer
3 in 1 or 4 in 1 – Convertible scooters that accommodate very young children to older kids eg. seat, parent handle, small scooter to extended larger size
Ride with Your Child – Scooters have weight limits so if you want to ride with your child, you’ll need one that can take both your weight

Our Priorities Were:

Folding – Essential that it can be compactly stored away and fit in our pushchair basket for travel

Steer Lock – Having read a lot of reviews on toddlers learning how to scoot, it seemed safer (and easier for toddler) for the scooter to stay locked in position until they learn to balance

Small enough for a beginner – Minimum handlebar height for many of the scooters were just too tall for a toddler so I wanted one that starts low enough (57-60cm is good) but can extend several times

The ‘Best’ Line Up

We’ll be here all day if I list all of the scooters I researched so I’ve put together ‘the best’ line up per category and reviewed each one.

Best Convertible

Trunki 4 in 1 Folding Kids Scooter

£79 @Halfords
Product Link

Trunki 4 in 1 Folding Toddler's First Scooter

This is a really lasting product which converts from a seat with a parent handle to a full scooter with a T-bar!
I love how it comes with a carry strap and protective bag.
From the website, it looks like the carry strap can be used to pull the scooter along.

Age Recommendation12 Months+
Handlebar Height4 Heights 65-79cm
Scooter Weight4kg (will vary as you convert)
Maximum User Weight50kg
Lean or Turn to SteerLean
Rear Footbrake?Yes
Steer Lock?Yes
Anti-slip Footplate?Yes
2 ColoursBlue, Pink

Best Folding

RideStar Cruise Tri Scooter

£24.99 @Amazon
Product Link

RideStar Cruise 3 Wheel Scooter - Amazon

This is a really nice design which folds nice and compact. It’s also one of the lightest scooters of the bunch and one of the cheapest!

Although the age recommendation is from 3 years, the fact that the lowest handlebar height is 58 means my 20 month old can comfortably hold on.

I also like how the scooter board is quite wide and the wheels are large for stability.

This actually would have been perfect for us if only it had the steer lock!

Age Recommendation3-6 Years
Handlebar Height4 Heights 58, 63, 68, 73cm
Scooter Weight2.28kg
Maximum User WeightNot mentioned but up to 6 years could be around 20kg
Lean or Turn to SteerLean
Rear Footbrake?Yes
Steer Lock?No
Anti-slip Footplate?Yes
5 ColoursBlue, Green, Pink, Red, Purple

Best Budget

Chad Valley Tilt n Turn Scooter

£15 @Argos
Product Link

Chad Valley Tilt n Turn Scooter blue

If you’re looking for a very simple and low cost scooter, this one’s great. But be sure to check whether 63cm is too tall for your little one to grab onto the handlebars because it’s not adjustable.

Age Recommendation3 Years+
Handlebar HeightFixed at 63cm
Scooter Weight2.75kg
Maximum User Weight20kg
Lean or Turn to SteerTurn
Rear Footbrake?Yes
Steer Lock?No
Anti-slip Footplate?Yes
2 ColoursBlue, Pink

Best 4 Wheel

Ozbozz My First Scooter

£20 @Amazon
Product Link

Ozbozz My First Scooter toddler's first scooter

A rare scooter which converts from 4 wheels, to 3, then 2!

Aside from the wheels feature, this is a very simple scooter.
It has a slimmer frame than other models out there and doesn’t have a foot brake or adjustable handlebars but it folds and is very light weight.

Age Recommendation2 Years+
Handlebar HeightFixed at 64.5cm
Scooter Weight2.69kg
Maximum User Weight20kg
Lean or Turn to SteerTurn
Rear Footbrake?No
Steer Lock?No
Anti-slip Footplate?Yes
2 ColoursPink/Yellow, Blue/Green

Best Compact

Scoot & Ride Highway Kick 3 LED Scooter

£89.99 @Halfords
Product Link

Scoot and Ride Highway Kick 3 in Blueberry - Halfords

This one has the lowest handlebars height and folds, making it the most compact of the bunch.

I would have happily chosen this one if only it had the steer lock!

Age Recommendation3 Years+
Handlebar Height4 Heights 57-82cm
Scooter Weight2.7kg
Maximum User Weight50kg
Lean or Turn to SteerLean
Rear Footbrake?Yes
Steer Lock?No
Anti-slip Footplate?Yes
4 ColoursBlueberry, Forest, Kiwi, Lemon

Best To Ride Together

Zinc Folding T-Motion Tri Scooter

£45 @Argos
Product Link


This was initially our favourite because it’s really sturdy and well made.

It folds and can handle up to 80kg so I could see us riding together on it! But we had to give it a pass because it was just generally too big as a beginner scooter and doesn’t have the steer lock function.

Age Recommendation3 Years+
Handlebar Height4 Heights 71, 75, 79, 83cm
Scooter Weight3.5kg
Maximum User Weight80kg
Lean or Turn to SteerLean
Rear Footbrake?Yes
Steer Lock?No
Anti-slip Footplate?Yes
2 ColoursBlack, Pink

The Winner For Our Toddler’s First Scooter Is…

IMMEK Scooter

£41.99 @Amazon
Product Link

IMMEK Scooter in yellow with box

We absolutely love this scooter! It basically ticks all the boxes for what we want for a toddler’s first scooter and we can see Jin using it for a very long time.

Perfect size for a beginner toddler and can grow with him
Lightest of the bunch at 2.1kg
Bright yellow so really stands out – great to keep an eye on toddler
Steer lock – really handy for when toddler’s first learning to balance
Big sturdy wheels – they flash when scooting fast enough
It doesn’t fold BUT you can remove the T-bar with a push of a button and attach it to the bottom of the board. Once collapsed, I can put it in my iCandy pushchair on-the-go
Age Recommendation2-8 Years
Handlebar Height4 Heights 60, 65, 71, 78cm
Scooter Weight2.1kg
Maximum User Weight50kg
Lean or Turn to SteerLean
Folding?No but can remove T bar and attach to the board
Rear Footbrake?Yes
Steer Lock?Yes
Anti-slip Footplate?Yes

A Closer Look

How Jin Got On With It

On day 1, when we showed him the scooter, he ran straight to, grabbled the handle bars and hopped on!

He’d obviously seen many kids scooting around the area because he seemed to know what it was for.

With the steer lock on, we wheeled him around, which he absolutely loved, then showed him how it moves if you push off with your foot.

We’re still in Week 1 and he hasn’t quite got the hang of scooting yet but we take it out with us everyday and he loves to wheel it around himself and get pulled along on it.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt making a decision on the best toddler’s first scooter is difficult with all the choice out there! But as long as you prioritise the features you want, there’s one out there for your little one.

If you have any questions on this scooter or shopping for one in general, leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

Here’s Jin trying out his scooter.

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