Tried And Tested Newborn Baby Toys For 0-6 Months

3 December 2020

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent or buying a gift for someone, it can be overwhelming deciding what newborn toys to buy.

Seeing what other kids enjoy is a good place to start and then you’ll start to get an idea of what your baby enjoys and expand your collection from there.

In this post I’ll highlight what baby can generally do at this age bracket and introduce the toys that our Jin loved.

What Can Baby Do At This Age?

The first couple of months are a funny time because baby just lies there not doing much.
When Jin was this age, I remember thinking, should I give him a toy to play with, even though he can’t even hold it yet?? But they are absorbing everything around them whether it’s by seeing, hearing or touch.

Here’s a very high level snapshot of baby’s development and the types of toys that come recommended for the age group in stores.
This is a guideline only, as babies can develop at different levels and speeds.

MonthWhat They Can DoSuitable Activty/Toy
0Vision fuzzy but can make out light, shapes and movement
Mostly feeding & sleeping
Mobile with music | Play gym
1Can focus on your face
Hearing is developed | Getting familiar with surroundings
Play Gym | High contrast patterns | Soft Toy
2Colour is clearer, follows moving object
Recognises your face | Starts to hold head up
Toy Arch | Soft Toys | Rattle
3Vision getting sharper
Head steadier | Starts to babble | Open and closes hands
Crinkle, mirror, sounds toys | Teethers
4Shifts focus from one thing to another
Hold head up more | Reaches for things | May start teething
Soft blocks | Board books | Peekaboo
5Colours are clearer
Pushes up on arms | Rolls over
Interactive toys, lights and sound
6Faster eye movement, better coordination
Starts to sit up | Shuffling on floor | Laughs a lot
Activity ball | Remote/Phone

Some Useful Guides on Baby’s Development

There are lots of visuals and guides out there that take you through baby’s development month by month but I found these 2 particularly useful:

Vision Direct illustrates how baby’s vision develops month by month with a handy slider that moves from blurry to clear.

Of The Hearth has put together a nice table, which may give you ideas on activities for babies in categories of: Visual, Auditory, Tactile and Kinetic.

Vision Direct

Of The Hearth

And Now For The Toys

Our collection of toys and books was very gradual. We were gifted some when Jin was born, received some hand-me-downs from friends with kids and once we knew the sort of thing Jin liked, we started shopping at stores like Amazon, Argos and Smyths Toys.

As always, I check people’s reviews, talk to other parents and tend to try things that other people recommend.

Here are our top rated toys in our household. Im not going to star rate these because they’re all 5 ‘s to me!

Fisher Price Rainforest Music & Lights Deluxe Gym

£49.99 @Amazon
Product Link

Age purchased at: Newborn
Used Until: 9 months
Focus Activity: Staring at the hanging toys to begin with, then holding the detachable toys and taking them out with us

Fisher Price Rainforest Play Gym toys detached

This was our super star item, which Jin used for almost a year. He started off just lying on his back, staring at the hanging toys, then gradually was able to swipe at them, grab them, then eventually stand and hold the Toucan at the top.

His favourite was the zebra and since all the toys have a large C ring attached, we always hooked it onto the pushchair hood when we went out.

Age From: Birth+


Rainforest themed mat with a soft satin feel

6 repositionable toys (zebra, monkey, lion, snail, soft giraffe, mirror)

Crinkle leaf on mat

Detachable Toucan plays up to 20mins of music with adjustable volume

Sensor setting that automatically plays music & sounds when baby moves

Really easy to assemble & disassemble

Folds nicely into a clear carry case so perfect for on-the-go

Dimensions: H41 W50 D81cm

Bookstart Baby’s First Shapes – Black & White Book

Free from the Health Visitor
Info Link

Age purchased at: Newborn
Used Until: 6 months
Focus Activity: Staring at the images, particularly the faces and eventually pointing and turning the pages

Bookstart Babys First Shapes Black and White Book
Bookstart Babys First Shapes Black and White Book Open

After I had Jin, the Health Visitor came to our home and gave us a bag of goodies which included this book and encouraged us to show it to him, explaining the patterns and get him to interact.

He was fascinated by this little book, especially by the pages with faces.
Even after we bought high contrast board books, he still kept going back to this one!

Age From: Birth+


8 pages of black and white images including spots, spirals, faces, wavy lines

So small and light, you can take everywhere with you

Dimensions: H13 W12.5 cm

Black & White Board Book

£5.23 @Amazon
Product Link

Age purchased at: 3 Months
Used Until: 6 Months
Focus Activity: Staring at the high contrast images

Black & White Book Tana Hoban from Amazon
Example of how the book folds out – this isn’t the actual book

I no longer have our one so Im showing you an example here. This black and white board book is a good large size, made of thick laminated card and folds out. I’ve used another product (Tiny Love Double Sided First Book) to show you how it folds out and stands.

I really should have bought this way earlier than when Jin was 3 months! It was useful to set up around him when he was still in the lying on the floor stage and I would explain the items shown on each page.

Age From: Birth+


16 large pages of black and white images including ship, leaf, buttons, flower, balloon

Folds out to stand on its own – can stand up on the floor or follow the lining of the cot/crib

Dimensions: H15.9 x W15.9 cm

High Contrast Board Books

Approx. £7 @Amazon Japan
Product Link – Bumble Bee
Product Link – Stripes and Spirals

Age purchased at: Newborn
Used Until: Still using at 16 months
Focus Activity: Staring at the bold colourful images, eventually turning pages and interacting with the story | Future use – name the images once he starts talking

Japapnese Board Books x2
Japapnese Board Books x2 Open

Ok, so these are Japanese but it doesn’t stop you from enjoying them! They’re high contrast, colourful and the designs are so cute and unique.

They introduced Jin to different shapes and colours, and he interacted more with them as he grew up – once he starts talking I’ll ask him about each image and he can name them out loud.

Age From: Birth+


24 pages of bold colourful images including bumble bee, umbrella, fish, stars, watermelon

Made of strong wipe-clean thick card, very durable

Baby can interact more with the books as they grow

Dimensions: H18 W18cm

Tumama Hanging Fruit Rattles

£16.99 @Amazon
Product Link

Age purchased at: 3 Months
Used Until: 12 Months
Focus Activity: Grabbing and shaking to hear the chime sounds | Using them to pull himself up

BUTEFO baby chime toys
BUTEFO 4 Packs Baby Pram Pushchair Stroller Toys from Amazon

I actually purchased the ‘Butefo’ animal toys version shown here but they’re no longer available on Amazon so I’ve replaced with these fruit toys, which I actually prefer!

These were useful not only as fun toys but as a tool for Jin to grab onto to pull himself up.
We hung them around the playpen so he could make his way around and check each one out.

Age From: Birth+


Plush toys of orange, strawberry, banana and avocado

Makes chime and rattle sounds when shaken

Soft teethers attached

Large hook to attach to pushchair/car seat/cot/playpen

Dimensions: Not mentioned but probably about 30cm long

Dreamsdox Plush Rabbit Toy With Rattle and Teethers

£9.99 @Amazon
Product Link

Age purchased at: 2 Months
Used Until: 12 Months
Focus Activity:
Cuddle and explore different textures | Familiar item in the pushchair when we go out

Dreamsdox soft rabbit toy rattle teether
Dreamsdox soft rabbit toy rattle teether back view

I actually named this rabbit Frankenbunny because it looked like it was made from several toys stitched together! But Jin absolutely adored it. He played with it on his mat and we always took it out with us by clipping onto the pushchair hood so it was always in his view.

It has SO many things on it – crinkle ears, mirror carrot, 3 teethers, clear ring with beads and a large hook to attach to things.

It also comes in Bird, Butterfly and Chick designs.

Age From: Birth+


Plush rabbit toy with crinkle ears in mulitple layers and patterns

Mirror carrot, 3 teethers and clear ring rattle

Large hook to attach to pushchair/car seat/cot/playpen

Comes in other designs: Butterfly, Bird, Chick

Dimensions: H36 W10 Dcm

Lamaze Classic Discovery Soft Book

£7-11 Price Varies @Amazon
Product Link

Age purchased at: 2 Months
Used Until: Still using at 16 months
Focus Activity: Feel different textures | Learn to turn pages | Familiar item in the pushchair when we go out | Future use – name the images once he starts talking

Lamaze Classic Discovery Soft Book
Lamaze Classic Discovery Soft Book Inside

This was Jin’s first book. I’d heard of these crinkle books from other parents and it seemed like the things to get so just went with it. I like this particular one because the characters are extra cute and its such a good size.

We took this everywhere and Jin was always entertained by it. Its one of those items that you can get long term use out of. At first he would look and touch and eventually when he starts talking, I’ll ask him what each image is and he can name them out loud.

Age From: Birth+


Soft cloth book with 8 pages of bright colours and cute characters

Crinkle pages, 1 page with a hidden rattle, 1 page with a hidden squeaky

Large hook to attach to pushchair/car seat/cot/playpen

Dimensions: H15.5 W17cm

Tiny Love Sunny Stroll Arch Toy

£24.99@ John Lewis
Product Link

Age purchased at: 3 Months
Used Until: Still using at 16 months
Focus Activity: Visual stimulation when newborn | Interact with the toys when older

Amazon Tiny Love buggy arch toy

LOVE this item! My friend had one attached to a swing chair and her baby was loving it! I immediately bought the same one for Jin and he’s been enjoying it since.

It can be used indoor and out because the arch clamps onto so many things. We used to use it on Jin’s swing chair but it eventually became a permanent fixture on the pushchair.

I also talk about this item in my Buggy Accessories post.

Age From: Birth+


8 Toys – sphere rattle with crinkle rabbit, soft beetroot with mirror, frosted window with crinkle fox, soft bumble bee, pulling carrot teether spins flower fan

4 flexible joints so you can bend it how you want – folds compactly away

Clamps onto so many things like pushchair/car seat/swing seat/feeding chair, anything that the clamp will fit around really

Dimensions: 80cm long when fully extended horizontally

Vtech Swing & Sing Monkey

£15 @Argos
Product Link

Age purchased at: 3 Months
Used Until: Still using at 16 months
Focus Activity: Cuddle and listen to songs & sounds | Press the button for lights & songs | Teether & mirror | Future use – sing along/imitate what monkey says

Vtech Monkey with teether and sounds

I can’t even tell you how much Jin adores this monkey! It honestly saved us because if Jin was crying/screaming, we’d press the button to make the monkey talk and he would just stop, stare and break out into a big smile.

Big thank you to our wonderful friends who bought it for him ♡!!

Age From: 3 Months+


Plush toy with crinkle ears, banana teether and apple mirror

Big light up heart button on tummy which makes monkey talk and play music

3 sing along songs and 15 melodies

C-ring to attach to pushchair/cot/playpen

Banana teether, mirror for self awareness

x3 LR44 batteries required (included)

British English accent

Dimensions: H21 W17cm

Multi-Textured Sensory Balls

£8.40 @Amazon
Product Link

Age purchased at: 4 Months
Used Until: Still using at 16 months
Focus Activity: Enjoy looking at the shapes and colours | Begin to grab and throw

Multicoloured Textured Sensory Balls

These colourful balls come in different shapes, sizes and textures. They come recommended as good sensory toys and they’re not a bad price.

When Jin was younger we would roll them towards him so he can follow with his eyes, then gradually he was able to grasp them, chase them and now, at 16 months old, he throws and kicks them around like a football! Lot of use out of these for a long time.

Age From: Birth+


6 balls of different shapes, sizes, textures and colours

Lightweight and easy to hold

Long term use from baby to toddler

Dimensions: Smallest: 6.6cm; Largest: 8.5cm

Bright Starts Oball

£3.99 @Amazon
Product Link

Age purchased at: 5 Months
Used Until: Still using at 16 months
Focus Activity: Enjoy holding and looking at the colours | Grab and throw

This was a gift from a friend and you wont believe how much Jin uses this!
He was fascinated just watching it roll in front of him to begin with but as soon as he learnt to grab, he was throwing it all over the place.

Nowadays, at 16 months old, we always take it out with us and he throws it and kicks it about in the park.

Age From: Birth+


32 holes for little hands to grip

Lightweight and flexible so even when crushed, it bounces back to its original shape

The multi angled shape makes it roll in different directions

Bright colour combinations – available in 2 other colour combos

Can be hung by links to pushchair/car seat/cot/playpen

Diameter: 10cm

£5 @Amazon
Product Link

Age purchased at: 6 Months
Used Until: Still using at 16 months
Focus Activity: Linking toys to so many things, also acts as teethers

Bright Starts Links multicoloured

These are an absolute MUST because you can connect toys, cloth books and board books to your pushchair/car seat/cot/playpen, anything you can physically hook these on! They’re certainly not just for newborn toys and can be used in so many ways from now onwards.

They also came handy when going out when we attached toys to them and hooked onto the high chair so they toys wouldn’t fall on the floor – I’ve spent too many meals cleaning toys so Jin can continue to play with them in the restaurant!

Age From: Birth+


Oval, bendy rings come in a multipack of 6 colours

Durable BPA free plastic with various bumps and grooves for texture – can be used as teether

Uses include linking to pushchair/car seat/cot/playpen

Diameter: Longer side of the oval 6.5cm

Using Things Around the House As Toys

Its so funny how babies pick up everyday things around the house and often prefer them to the expensive toy you just bought!

Jin was fascinated with things around the house like these:

Various items from around the house that baby likes to play with

Silicone Lids to keep drinks warm – he liked to chew them and just carry them around

Tupperware – he was so attached to this pink tupperware tub for some reason! And also the lid of this smaller one

Silicone Spoons – he didn’t take to these when we first started spoon feeding him but he loved to chew them! Excellent teething toys!

Coasters – he wasn’t interested in chewing them but he liked to walk around with them and generally destroy my neat pile!

Small Bottles – right now, he likes to raid my stash of travel sized bottles (I have a lot…) and just walk around with them in both hands and leave them in random places

My Water Bottle – he likes carrying it around and placing it in random places. He has his own water bottle but it has to be mine…

Paper Bag – A large paper bag on the floor with a couple of toys thrown in was like a treasure cave to him! (Fully supervised of course!)

And These…

We love our tech so I guess Jin was always seeing us on our devices, tapping away on our PC’s/laptops and playing games and wants to join in. We bought him a ‘toy’ remote and mobile but he insisted on playing with the real thing so we gave him this old keyboard, remote and gaming controller.

Keyboard game controller and sky remote

My Top 5 of All These Toys

Im so glad we had these 5 toys, whether it was playing at home or taking them on-the-go. They really were top performers, not only for Jin’s benefit but for our’s too!

Tiny Love Arch
Fisher-Price-Rainforest-Gym toy
Fisher Price Play Gym
Dreamsdox soft rabbit toy rattle teether
Dreamsdox Rabbit
Vtech Monkey with teether and sounds
Vtech Sing & Swing Monkey
Bright starts oball
Bright Starts Oball

Final Thoughts

So that was my list of favourite baby toys for Jin for 0-6 months. Many of them remain his firm favourites now.

As I mentioned at the start, you never know what your baby’s going to take to so try out a few popular or recommended toys and your baby will tell you what they like! Then watch your toy collection grow and grow!

Almost all the links here are Amazon because that’s where I shop for toys but its always worth checking out Argos, John Lewis and Smyths Toys for the same items, as they sometimes do good deals and sales. For teethers, Boots stock a lot of these baby brands.

Happy shopping! (^_^)

As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases made via my website. Thank you for your support!

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