My Best Picks of Super Useful Buggy Accessories

1 October 2020

Buggy accessories are so important to me when Im rushing around needing access to everything at a moments’ notice, whether grabbing something to entertain baby Jin or necessities for me.

I sort of collected them as I went along after hearing recommendations from other mums, reading mum blogs or jusy noticing other parents using them.
I’m really happy with the buggy accessories I use everyday and here they are.

Onco Deluxe Baby Buggy Organiser

£10.99 @Amazon
Product Link

I think I tried 3 or 4  buggy bags until I found this one.
If you don’t want to buy the branded ones like Bugaboo (as much as I wanted that one!), head over to Amazon.

Once I got over the fact that most of these bags don’t have a fully covering flap on the top (doesn’t matter because I have an umbrella big enough to cover it), this was the one for me.

Amazon Onco deluxe buggy organiser
Amazon Onco deluxe buggy organiser attached to buggy
Amazon Onco deluxe buggy organiser open top view
˚✧₊⁎ Amazon Says ⁎⁺˳✧˚
Strong, sturdy, water resistant
Spacious with two drinks compartments that fold in to create one large section
Fold over top cover
External mesh bag at the back to store larger items, which can be folded away if not using
Securely attaches to the handles with velcro straps

Why I Love It

So many pockets!
3 internal compartments, 2 of which can comfortably fit the fattest of baby bottles; 3 external pockets
Strong structure with good thick denim-like material
Velcro strips loop through a plastic piece so it’s really secure on the frame – once velcro’ed on, it hasn’t loosened or come off
Width is just perfect for my narrow iCandy Raspberry frame

What’s In My Buggy Bag

All of this fits comfortably in the bag.
For size reference, the blue water bottle is 300ml and the pink Thermos is 250ml.

Onco Deluxe buggy organiser contents laid out

Nuby 300ml Straw Water Bottle
Thermos 250ml
Mini tupperware of snacks
Banana teething toy
Sun Maid Raisins
MAM pacifier
Large and small muslins

Tissues & Wet Ones
Carex Antibac Hand Gel
Compact umbrella
Baby hat
Spare bib
Face mask in a pouch

Happy Mummy Hook & Stroll 2 Pack

£8.99 @Amazon
Product Link

A buggy favourite – I use these either side of my buggy bag to hang more bags, umbrella, baby’s jacket/hat etc. SO useful.
The hooks are very strong and the velcro hasn’t come apart even once.

The plastic part end to end is just over 10cm.

Amazon Happy Mummy hook and stroll - 2 hooks attached to buggy handle
Author's Amazon Happy Mummy hook and stroll - 2 hooks attached to buggy handle
Author's Amazon Happy Mummy hook and stroll - close up of hook attached to buggy handle

LAT Buggy Clips 4 Pack

£7.59 @Amazon
Product Link

Another buggy favourite – in the early days when Jin slept a lot, I found these really useful to clip a muslin on the hood, like a short curtain. 
I also use them to secure a blanket/scarf draped over the hood when Im not using the buggy hood (extra storage!) or generally clip things to the handles/frame.

These are end to end 7.5cm so pretty big and quite strong.

Amazon LAT buggy clips 4 pack
Author's Amazon LAT buggy clips - 4 clips attached to buggy hood

Tiny Love Buggy Arch Toy

£18.00 @Amazon
Product Link

It must be so boring just sitting there in the buggy so we got this when Jin was 3 months but I wish I’d got it sooner. He absolutely loved and still loves it at over 1 year old!
I get comments on this all the time when I’m out (^_^)

Amazon Tiny Love buggy arch toy
Author's Amazon Tiny Love buggy arch toy attached to buggy

Why I Love It

Arch has 4 flexible joints so you can bend it how you want – can fold it compactly away
Clamps onto so many things like car seat, swing seat, feeding chair, anything that the clamp will fit around really
Toys from left to right: sphere rattle toy with crinkle rabbit, soft beetroot with mirror, frosted window with crinkle fox, soft bumble bee, carrot to pull which makes the flower fan spin

The arch is 80cm long when fully extended horizontally.

iCandy Universal Cupholder

£15 @iCandy
Product Link

The QUEEN of buggy accessories don’t you think??
The cup is a good size with a springy lining which fits most cups and takeout drinks.

You’ll need this iCandy Raspberry Parasol & Cupholder Clamp £5 to fit the cup holder onto the buggy frame.

iCandy universal cup holder
Author's iCandy universal cup holder attached to pushchair frame

Ion8 Leakproof Kid’s Water Bottle 350ml

£8.99 @Amazon
Product Link

There are so many water bottles out there but I personally prefer the ‘one touch’ open types because I’m always on the go with one hand on the buggy or holding baby Jin and this one is perfect.

I have the 350ml in Rose Quartz. The spout is just right and as the name suggests, it doesn’t leak! It fits into the buggy bag cup compartments and all cup holders.

Amazon Ion8 leakproof kid's water bottle 350ml
Rose Quartz
˚✧₊⁎ Amazon Says ⁎⁺˳✧˚
Dimensions: H17 W7cm Weight 1.09kg – width of a can
Strap attached to bottle
One touch opening
Off-centre spout means minimal tilt needed
100% leak proof
Soft feel for grip and fits any handbag, backpack or kid’s bag
Phthalate free, non-toxic BPA free plastic
Fits car & pram cup holders
Author's Amazon Ion8 leakproof kid's water bottle 350ml attached to buggy frame

It’s advertised as a ‘Kid’s’ bottle but its a great size for anyone for every day use.
I also have the Ion8 Leakproof Slim Water Bottle 500ml version from Amazon at £10.99 for longer days out or picnics.

See more details on this Universal Cup Holder here.

Final Thoughts

There are SO many buggy accessories to choose from so have a read of sites like these where we’ve tried and tested them and then pick the right products for your lifestyle (^_^)

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