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Udon with seafood sticks and egg - Recipe Image

Udon Noodles With Seafood Sticks & Egg (1 Year+)

Being Naomi
A warming Japanese udon dish which can be enjoyed by adults and tailored for under 1's.
Prep Time 7 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 17 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Japanese
Servings 2 Adults or 3-4 Toddlers


  • 1 Pack Udon Noodles Vaccum pack type containing the fresh udon
  • 4 Seafood Sticks I use frozen
  • 1 Large Egg or 2 Medium
  • 60 g Frozen Peas Or a veg of your choice
  • 1 Spring Onion
  • 1 tsp Japanese 'Dashi' Powder Or half a baby-friendly stock cube
  • 1 tsp Japanese 'Katakuriko' Powder (potato starch) Or corn flour/any thickening agent
  • 1 tsp Less Salt Soy Sauce I use the brand 'Kikkoman'
  • 250 ml Water



  • Take the udon out of the pack and cut into a grid of 12 (or more if you want the udon pieces smaller) and gently break up the noodle with your fingers. Set aside

    Chopped up udon for Udon with seafood sticks and egg
  • Defrost the seafood sticks if you're using frozen. Cut them in half, roll each piece between your hands and separate them into strips. Set aside

    Seafood sticks for Udon with seafood sticks and egg
  • Slice the spring onion as fine as you can. Set aside
    Spring onion for Udon with seafood sticks and egg
  • Mix the egg in a bowl. Set aside
  • Take the Katakuriko, add 3 tsp of water and mix. Set aside

Lets Get Cooking!

  • Take a medium/large frying pan. On a medium heat, add the water, dashi powder/stock cube, seafood sticks and frozen peas. Bring to the boil (2mins or so). If you're using a stock cube, taste and add more if you need to
    Step1 seafood sticks, peas, water and stock in a pan
  • Turn the heat down to low, add the udon, spring onion and soy sauce. Mix so the udon is evenly spread
    Step 2 Add udon, spring onion, shoyu
  • Put the lid on and simmer for 1min
  • Pour in the Katakuriko evenly (it may have settled whilst you’ve been cooking so make sure you give it a mix first, then pour). Mix everything constantly and you’ll start to see the sauce thicken
  • As soon as the sauce looks thicker, pour in the egg evenly, leave it for a few seconds then mix everything well
    Step 5 Add the egg
  • The egg will be cooked very quickly, make sure you don’t overcook.
  • As soon as the egg has cooked through, take off the heat and it's ready!
    Udon with seafood sticks and egg Final Dish


Storage: This can be frozen as soon as it has cooled down. Consume within 3 months.
Recommendation for 6-12 Month Babies - softer noodles and less seasoning:
  1. Replace the Dashi powder with either a home-made seaweed/fish/vegetable stock or use stock cubes suitable for babies
  2. Exclude the soy sauce
  3. When doing the prep, defrost the frozen peas and crush/chop them so it’s easier for baby to eat. Add to the pan in Step 1
  4. When doing the prep, chop the udon finely so baby can easily eat with a spoon. In step 3, simmer for 2mins longer so the udon becomes even softer
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