Center Parcs with a 2 Year Old – Challenge Accepted!

30 September 2022

Center Parcs was such a big thing for me as a kid. In my last blog, ‘Center Parcs Elveden, My Advice for First Timers‘, I talked about the place in general but lets focus on the fact that we were at Center Parcs with a 2 year old! Here I’ll talk about how the place is equipped for toddlers, what you need to bring and what activities there are.

Things to Consider when Booking your Lodge

2 Years+ Need to be Counted into your Booking

We were 4 adults with our 2 year old, Jin, in Spring 2022. The plan was to have a couple in one room and my husband, Jin & I in another, so we only really needed a 2 bedroom lodge BUT they consider a 2 year old a full guest so we had to get a 3 bedroom lodge.

So if you’re a 2 adults with a 2 year old, you’ll need to book a 2 bedroom lodge.

If your child is under 2, you add them to the booking as an infant – not counted as a full guest – and you wont be charged an extra room.

Pay Extra to Choose Your Lodge Number

If you prefer to be close to the pool or playground or golf course, you can pay extra to choose a specific zone and lodge number. Check my other Center Parcs post here: Which Area to Stay In

Baby/Toddler Specific Items at the Lodge

Being a family-friendly place, they’re well equipped for a baby/toddler to stay over.

Here’s what’s already included in your lodge:

  • Wooden High Chair – the type you often see at restaurants with a buckle
Center Parcs Toddler High Chair
  • Cot – you’ll find this in the store room of your lodge. You need to bring your own linen and blanket
  • A toddler step in each bathroom (our one had that white and green plastic one from IKEA)
IKEA Toddler Step Green and White
  • Chalkboard and chalk for doodling

You can also pre-order bed guards/rails for your arrival. Just contact them via chat with your booking number or give them a call.

Getting Around

How Far is Everything?

Here are some of routes I walked to give you an idea. Not bad right?

Center Parcs Elveden map

But this is an average for an adult so when you’re with a toddler and not in a buggy, everything takes way longer! You probably need to add 15mins onto every route.

Where ever you stay, it’s really not that far to quickly go back to your lodge so don’t feel like you need to pack a bag and be out for the whole day.

Buggies and Bikes

We took our buggy around with us so that Jin could have a rest or a nap but also to pile on our bags when he wasn’t using it!

There’s always somewhere to park it. In the Sports Plaza, there’s a designated area where everyone leaves their buggies, it was very safe.

Another way to get around is to hire one of these:

  • Balance Bike for 3-5 years (but I would say 2 years+ is ok) – the one with no pedals and toddler shuffles along with their feet
  • Small Bike with optional stabilisers for 3-5 years
  • Adult bike with a child seat on the back for 12-47 months
  • Adult bike with a trailer on the back from 6 months+

The Best Activities For a 2 Year Old

If you’re at Center Parcs with a 2 year old, you absolutely have to try these activities! We didn’t get to do all of them but I’m so glad we did these ones:

Mini Trek!

2-5 years | 30mins | £17.50

Center Parcs Mini Trek 1
Center Parcs Mini Trek 2
Center Parcs Mini Trek 3

Kids are safely harnessed and grownups are given clear instructions on how to use the apparatus and safety rules.

There’s lots of balancing, ducking, stepping over gaps, and a zip line! And the end, everyone gets to choose a cuddly toy to take home!

Some kids started off a bit scared but once they realised how cool this is, they were off and really pushing themselves to do the obstacles. I feel like Jin came back that much braver. Content face emoji

The Pool

All ages | £ Included in your holiday

Sub Tropical Pool

This is a must, whether you just want to have a paddle, a proper swim or go down some slides, there’s something for everyone.

There’s so many things you can do with your toddler here:

  • Baby/toddler water play area with a slide and water features in a shallow pool
  • Toddler/Bigger Kids area with a scarier slide, buckets of water being tipped on you and waterfalls
  • Various other slides where you can take your little one with you, if they’re brave enough!
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Outdoor Rapids where the current takes you for a ride
  • Soft lights Lagoon Pool
  • 3 Jacuzzis along the steps up to the slides


There’s no shortage of playground space here. Near where the tree top activities are, there are play areas with benches and beyond that, further towards the Sports Plaza, there’s a recently built huge playground!

The quality is so good and it’s very spacious. It’s the perfect to start the day or to spend time in-between activities because it’s in the centre and easily accessible from anywhere.

Yellow star drawing Tip

If you go to the Sports Cafe in the Sports Plaza, you can sit outside on the terrace which overlooks the playground so you can keep an eye on your older kids.

The Beach

Center Parcs beach

A little artificial beach by the lake with enough sand to make as many castles as you want!

Jin LOVED this place. Of all the activities they had, he’d wake up every morning and say ‘I want to go to the beach!’

Yellow star drawing Tip

The Adventure Golf and Boathouse counters near the lake sell beach kits with spades and sandcastle shaped buckets.

Bring a big picnic mat to stretch out on. There are lovely quality deck chairs dotted around but not many.

Boating on the Lake

If its a nice day, its definitely worth going out in a boat for 30mins, the fun bit is the driving!
(Prices vary depending on the season).

Row Boat – Up to 4 people | Minimum age 4 months | £16.50

Pedalo – Up to 4 people | Minimum age 4 months | £18.50

Electric Boat 4 Seater – Up to 4 people | Minimum age 4 months | approx £26

Electric Boat 6 Seater – Up to 6 people | Minimum age 4 months | approx £30


So you’re at Center Parcs with a 2 year old, you must have thought about meals, maybe you want to plan ahead a little?

We had a good balance between eating at our lodge and dining out for lunch/dinner, depending on what activities we had booked for the day.

At the Lodge

We had brought all the essentials like bread, eggs, fruit so we had brek/brunch at the lodge or made sandwiches to take out with us. But in the evenings, it had to be a BBQ! We brought 2 disposable trays with us and had a full on BBQ with all the trimmings. If you feel like a BBQ but didn’t bring anything for it, head over to the Parc Market where they sell everything from the BBQ trays and matches to sausages and corn on the cob.


We ate out at 4 of the 6 restaurants there and at that time in May 2022, they were in the middle of building a Bella Italia in the Piazza.

Check out my other blog, ‘Center Parcs Elveden – All The Detail You Need!’ to see what restaurants are there. In general, I could take Jin to all of these places, as everywhere was child friendly. But I recommend these places in particular:

Foresters Inn

There’s an awesome play den (sort of jungle, tree house themed) and outdoor mini playground, which is so helpful for those in between times when waiting for food or when the kids get a bit fussy.

The Pancake House

Savoury & sweet pancakes, including meatballs and baked beans! Surely most kids would like this stuff!

Pancake House 2
Pancake House 4

To Finish

I hope this gives you some insight into going to Center Parcs with a 2 year old.

What I learn’t the most is not to worry too much about the distance from the lodge to the centre. You can always pop back for lunch, a shower or to relax inbetween activities.

If you want to see more info on things like the lodge types, what’s included in your lodge and other restaurants, check out my post here: Center Parcs Elveden, My Advice for First Timers

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